On Call 24/7

Sumner Lifeboat crew are all volunteers. They could be called out at any time of day or night and receive no pay. As locals, they choose to make a big commitment to their community.

Currently there are about 35 volunteer crew. They cover all ranges of experience, from trainees through to skippers and veterans of many rescues, and all ages – from students to retirees.


Crew member Finley Passmore (Photo: Endeavour Media & Photographics)

Sumner Lifeboat is a family affair. Active senior crew member Heather McDonald has been in lifeboat service over 25 years, whilst her father Peter has given over forty years service to Sumner Lifeboat. Currently on active crew we also have father and son Dave and Finley Passmore, and husband and wife Patrice and Yvonne de Beer.

As part of their commitment to Sumner Lifeboat Institution and Coastguard, crew undertake regular theory and practical training – read more about what training involves.

Crew awards 2018
Crew awards 2018

Sumner Lifeboat Institution presented Service Awards recently to the following volunteer crew members.

Sumner Lifeboat Service Awards
Silver Blue Arrow Rescue (10 years):
Silver Blue Arrow Rescue (15 years):
Silver Blue Arrow Rescue (20 years):
Gold Medal (25 years):
Sam Bradley, Peter Marshall
Shelley Ross
Paul Lawson
Sue Bell
Extraordinary Certificates
John Thompson
Paul Mutton
Coastguard Service Awards
Red Bar (3 years):
Red Bar (5 years):
Blue Bar (10 years):
Gold Bar (15 years):
Silver Bar (20 years):
Finley Passmore
Cameron Lacey
Sam Bradley
Shelley Ross
Paul Lawson