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Sumner Lifeboat Institution Inc.

volunteer maritime search and rescue organisation

Sumner Jet REscue

Sumner Lifeboat Institution Inc. is a volunteer maritime search and rescue organisation operating at the seaside suburb of Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Rescues using ‘dedicated’ lifeboats began in 1898, continuing to this day.

Watch the Blue Arrow Rescue Documentary Trailer


  • Instrumental in establishing several similar units in other parts of New Zealand;
  • A founding member of the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation (RNZCF) in 1976;
  • A foundation member of Coastguard Southern Region established in 2003.

Training with Westpac Rescue Helicopter

See the action footage from our last training exercise with Westpac Rescue Helicopter. It is a requirement for their crew and pilots to practice winching off boats at sea regularly in case they need to do it in an emergency. Sumner Lifeboat are happy to provide Blue Arrow Rescue and our crews for this.