Call-out for report of vessel on fire

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Lifeboat StationFriday 17/05/2019

11:44am – Sumner Lifeboat was called out by the Police due to reports of a vessel on fire 2 nautical miles off the Estuary mouth.

The crew responded with two vessels – Hamilton Jet Rescue and Blue Arrow Rescue.

After an initial search and further details from the Police, Blue Arrow Rescue was sent 10Nm offshore to investigate a wider area, due to no vessel being found at the first location. Police stood the Lifeboat down at 3:50pm after no further contacts were found.

Sometimes we are called out and it turns out that it’s not an emergency situation. If in doubt, always call the Police on 111 and explain the situation.

Delaying could mean that someone loses their life.

We always want to be called out and stood down than not called out and a life is lost.